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파일명 road-collisions-severity-borough.csv
파일 포맷 csv
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Road Collisions Data by fatal, serious or slight severity casualty groups by borough and ward. An collision is classed by the worst level of casualty. For example if an accident caused 1 slight injury, 2 serious injuries, and 1 fatality, the collision would be classed as fatal. Road casualty statistics can be found at a separate page. Accident and casualty data can also be found on DFT's Road Safety Data page. See more on the UKDA website and the DfT website.

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버전 2015-07-21
파일 크기13 KB
행 수 47 100건 이하의 작은 데이터
컬럼 수66
텍스트 인코딩cp949
컬럼 구분자 , 콤마 (COMMA)

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('road-collisions-severity-borough.csv', on_bad_lines='skip', delimiter=',', encoding='cp949', encoding_errors='ignore')

컬럼 타입 샘플
Code string E09000001
Area string City of London
Fatal-1999 int64 1
Serious-1999 int64 59
Slight-1999 int64 410
Total-1999 int64 470
Fatal-2000 int64 4
Serious-2000 int64 42
Slight-2000 int64 371
Total-2000 int64 417
Fatal-2001 int64 2
Serious-2001 int64 52
Slight-2001 int64 369
Total-2001 int64 423
Fatal-2002 int64 3
Serious-2002 int64 46
Slight-2002 int64 332
Total-2002 int64 381
Fatal-2003 int64 1
Serious-2003 int64 35
Slight-2003 int64 258
Total-2003 int64 294
Fatal-2004 int64 3
Serious-2004 int64 38
Slight-2004 int64 273
Total-2004 int64 314
Fatal-2005 int64 1
Serious-2005 int64 39
Slight-2005 int64 271
Total-2005 int64 311
Fatal-2006 int64 1
Serious-2006 int64 58
Slight-2006 int64 296
Total-2006 int64 355
Fatal-2007 int64 2
Serious-2007 int64 44
Slight-2007 int64 295
Total-2007 int64 341
Fatal-2008 int64 2
Serious-2008 int64 49
Slight-2008 int64 290
Total-2008 int64 341
Fatal-2009 float64 2.0
Serious-2009 float64 41.0
Slight-2009 float64 257.0
Total-2009 float64 300.0
Fatal-2010 float64 1.0
Serious-2010 float64 40.0
Slight-2010 float64 294.0
Total-2010 float64 335.0
Fatal-2011 float64 0.0
Serious-2011 float64 49.0
Slight-2011 float64 306.0
Total-2011 float64 355.0
Fatal-2012 float64 3.0
Serious-2012 float64 55.0
Slight-2012 float64 318.0
Total-2012 float64 376.0
Fatal-2013 string 1
Serious-2013 string 56
Slight-2013 string 251
Total-2013 string 308
Fatal-2014 string 4
Serious-2014 string 50
Slight-2014 string 294
Total-2014 string 348

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