LFB Full List of Contracts at 30 June 2017.csv

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파일명 LFB Full List of Contracts at 30 June 2017
파일 포맷 csv
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The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 requires the publication of details of every contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement and any other legally enforceable agreement with a value that exceeds £5,000. The London Fire Commissioner scheme of governance provides for tenders for purchases of £10,000 or more in value. Standing orders and the code of practice can be found on the LFB web site here. This page provides details of all contracts currently in place as a result of tendering processes. This data is updated quarterly at end June, September, December, and March each year. Details of purchase orders of between £5,000 and £10,000 is available on the London Datastore here. This data is updated on a quarterly basis. Details of all payments of £250 or more is published monthly and is available on the London Datastore for the current year here. Earlier years are available on the Datastore. Details of spending on government procurement cards is available on the London Datastore here. The London Fire Commissioner (LFC) is the fire and rescue authority for London and runs the London Fire Brigade (LFB).  

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원본 페이지 https://data.london.gov.uk/dataset/lfepa-procurement-information---current-contracts
버전 2024-01-24
파일 크기248 KB
행 수 889
컬럼 수27
텍스트 인코딩cp949
컬럼 구분자 , 콤마 (COMMA)

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('LFB Full List of Contracts at 30 June 2017.csv', on_bad_lines='skip', delimiter=',', encoding='cp949', encoding_errors='ignore')

컬럼 타입 샘플
Unnamed: 0 string Ref No
Unnamed: 1 string Contract Title
Unnamed: 2 string Department
Unnamed: 3 string Team Name
Unnamed: 4 string Contract Owner
Unnamed: 5 string CPS allocated to
Unnamed: 6 string Term Contract
Unnamed: 7 string OJEU
Unnamed: 8 string Awarded
Unnamed: 9 string Has ext option
Unnamed: 10 string Expired
Unnamed: 11 string Service Type
Unnamed: 12 string Budget Implications
Unnamed: 13 string Actual Cost
Unnamed: 14 string Est Cost
Unnamed: 15 string Cost variance
Unnamed: 16 string Duration (months)
Unnamed: 17 string Extended
Unnamed: 18 string Ext post contract
Unnamed: 19 string Auth to tender
Unnamed: 20 string Framework agreement
Unnamed: 21 string Initial start date
Unnamed: 22 string Initial end date
Unnamed: 23 string Ext start date
Unnamed: 24 string Ext end date
Unnamed: 25 string Actual exp date
Unnamed: 26 string Contracts awarded to

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