Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) - Facility and Tank Details

This list provides Underground Storage Tank (UST) site, tank, contact and Enforcement information for the approximately 45,000 commercial underground storage tanks (USTs) previously and currently registered in Connecticut, of which about 8,000 are still in use. (There are 3 other related data sets: 1-Contact Details 2-Enforcement Summary, and 3-Compliance Details)

Annually, or when a UST is installed, removed, or altered, a notification form must be completed via EZFile (see link) and submitted to CT DEEP. Notification is required for non-residential underground storage tanks, including those for oil, petroleum and chemical liquids, as well as residential home heating oil tanks serving five or more units. See online at: https://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?q=322600

The underground storage tank regulations and the Connecticut underground storage tank enforcement program have been in effect since November 1985. This list is based on notification information submitted by the public since 1985, and is updated weekly. This list contains information on both active and on non-active USTs, as well as federally regulated and state regulated USTs.

Factors to Consider When Using this data:

-Not every required notification form is submitted to the DEEP. We can only enter the information we receive.

-We know there are errors in the data although we strive to minimize them. Error examples may include: notification forms completed incorrectly by the owner/operator, data entry errors, duplicate site information, misspelled names and addresses and/or missing data.


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