Troubled Properties Analysis

Montgomery County DHCA classifies properties as Troubled, At-Risk, and Compliant through scheduled property code inspections. In general, a “Troubled Property” is a multifamily rental property with numerous and or severe “health and safety” housing code violations. The full Fiscal Year 2023 Troubled Property report for properties inspected between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023, is available at This report not only provides the results and classifications of the properties inspected, but also identifies the properties to be inspected the following Fiscal Year. Executive Regulation 05-17 provides a methodology for designating certain multifamily rental housing units as "Troubled Properties" These "Troubled Properties" are subject to at least annual housing code inspections and must develop and implement a corrective action plan. This dataset provides housing code inspection results along with scores for both severity and quantity of violations. Updated Annually.


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