Tree Inventory

This dataset includes Tempe’s tree inventory data and benefits of the trees as calculated by i-Tree Eco in October 2021. The dataset was put together by West Coast Arborists, Inc. (WCA) in 2021.

About Tempe's Tree Inventory and i-Tree Eco

This dataset contains the point locations and attributes of trees within City of Tempe and Facilities. The point dataset was originally collected by WCA, Inc. in 2017 and is routinely updated by WCA and the City of Tempe. The attributes used included TreeID, Exact DBH, Height Range, Exact Height, Condition, Botanical Name, Common Name, Latitude, and Longitude. 

Updates to the Tempe's point layer was made using the results from i-Tree Eco. An i-Tree Eco Analysis was run in September 2021 using i-Tree Eco v6.0.22 and the results were joined based on unique tree ID to Tempe's Tree inventory. The results from i-Tree Eco were added as attributes to the Tempe's Tree inventory. Attributes added were: Structural Value ($), Carbon Storage (lb), Carbon Storage ($), Gross Carbon Sequestration (lb/yr), Gross Carbon Sequestration ($/yr), Avoided Runoff (cubicFT/yr), Avoided Runoff ($/yr), Pollution Removal (oz/yr), Pollution Removal ($/yr)    , Total Annual Benefits ($/yr), Height (ft), Canopy Cover (sqft), Tree Condition, Leaf Area (sqft), Leaf Biomass (lb), Leaf Area Index Basal Area (sqft), Cond, i-Tree_ID_BotName, i-Tree_ID_ComName and i-Tree_ID Genus. The exact definitions, meanings, calculations, etc. for the i-Tree Values can be found on i-Tree’s website via the i-Tree Eco User Manual.

i-Tree Eco. i-Tree Software Suite v6.x. Web. Fall 2021.

i-Tree Eco Manual:

Tempe Tree and Shade Coverage (data hub site):

Additional Information

Source: West Coast Arborists, Inc. (WCA) 2021; i-Tree Eco v6 2021

Contact: Richard Adkins

Contact E-Mail:

Data Source Type: GPS and Google map data; tables in CVS and Excel format

Preparation Method: Field observations and records of individual trees; value calculations based on i-Tree Eco v6 found at

Publish Frequency: Every 5 years or as data becomes available

Publish Method: Manual

Data Dictionary


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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-111.9783, 33.3207], [-111.9783, 33.4646], [-111.8775, 33.4646], [-111.8775, 33.3207], [-111.9783, 33.3207]]]}
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