Stormwater Infrastructure (Point Features)

Stormwater, wastewater, and drinking water data from a variety of sources is being compiled. Stormwater data has (is) been collected for many urbanized town and village centers statewide. Wastewater data is available for some towns and is currently being developed more fully as data becomes available. Drinking water data is rarely available.  Point, line, and polygon data was collected and compiled through field observations, municipal member knowledge, ortho-photo interpretation, digitization of georeferenced town plans and record drawings, and state stormwater permit plans.  Accuracy of all data is for planning purposes and field verification is at the users discretion. Subwatershed Drainage systems were mapped to establish the connectivity of the stormwater features, and to show where runoff from impervious surfaces in various subwatersheds within an urbanized area eventually enters the receiving water. Subwatershed boundaries were drawn by hand using a variety of elevation data and corelated to each towns Stormwater Infrastructure report.


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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-73.3151, 42.7261], [-73.3151, 45.0122], [-71.4973, 45.0122], [-71.4973, 42.7261], [-73.3151, 42.7261]]]}
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