Oregon State Government Buildings

State Government Buildings in Oregon. This dataset is comprised of buildings or properties that are owned or leased by state level governments. It includes buildings occupied by the headquarters of cabinet level state government executive departments, legislative office buildings outside of the capitol building, offices and court rooms associated with the highest level of the judicial branch of the state government, and large multi-agency state office buildings. Because the research to create this dataset was primarily keyed off of the headquarters of cabinet level state government agencies, some state office buildings that don't house a headquarters for such an agency may have been excluded. Intentionally excluded from this dataset are government run institutions (e.g., schools, colleges, prisons, and libraries). Also excluded are state capitol buildings, as these entities are represented in other HSIP layers. State owned or leased buildings whose primary purpose is not to house state offices have also been intentionally excluded from this dataset. Examples of these include "Salt Domes", "Park Shelters", and "Highway Garages". All entities that have been verified to have no building name have had their [NAME] value set to "NO NAME". If the record in the original source data had no building name and TGS was unable to verify the building name, the [NAME] value was set to "UNKNOWN". All phone numbers in this dataset have been verified by TGS to be the main phone for the building. If the building was verified not to have a main phone number, the [TELEPHONE] field has been left blank. At the request of NGA, text fields in this dataset have been set to all upper case to facilitate consistent database engine search results. At the request of NGA, all diacritics (e.g., the German umlaut or the Spanish tilde) have been replaced with their closest equivalent English character to facilitate use with database systems that may not support diacritics. The currentness of this dataset is indicated by the [CONTDATE] field. Based upon this field, the oldest record dates from 11/27/2007 and the newest record dates from 05/28/2008.


CKAN dataset id 57c35d1a-9506-41ce-bcbf-63b784950780
상태 active
url https://catalog.data.gov/dataset/oregonstategovernmentbuildings
버전 2024-02-09
라이선스 notspecified
accessLevel public
catalog_@context https://project-open-data.cio.gov/v1.1/schema/catalog.jsonld
catalog_@id https://data.oregon.gov/data.json
catalog_conformsTo https://project-open-data.cio.gov/v1.1/schema
catalog_describedBy https://project-open-data.cio.gov/v1.1/schema/catalog.json
harvest_object_id 9c45f409-33ce-40e8-af6d-7d259d19d9c1
harvest_source_id d747cd8f-d1d6-49a3-ab0b-ea17684f1121
harvest_source_title oregon json
identifier https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=27773de05fac4c338ef11a7c8a55d99a&sublayer=0
issued 2023-06-27
landingPage https://geohub.oregon.gov/maps/oregon-geo::oregon-state-government-buildings
metadata_type geospatial
modified 2023-06-27
old-spatial -123.0313,43.5575,-118.7163,45.6864
publisher TechniGraphics Inc.
resource-type Dataset
source_datajson_identifier true
source_hash 115c0e713f624a240264274b958960834fa31b995854d58203e0e7c7eab525c5
source_schema_version 1.1
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-123.0313, 43.5575], [-123.0313, 45.6864], [-118.7163, 45.6864], [-118.7163, 43.5575], [-123.0313, 43.5575]]]}
theme {geospatial}
담당자 연락처 gis.info@das.oregon.gov
제공 기관 State of Oregon
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