Maryland Notices of Intent to Foreclose by Census Tract

Provides the annual total number of Maryland Notices of Intent to Foreclose (NOI) by census tract as reported to the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR). For more information and definitions, please see OFR's Foreclosure Data Tracker:

NOTE: The data provided is for informational and research purposes only and is not intended to guide policy or provide specific outreach targets. The data provided is compiled from third-party filings with the OFR pursuant to applicable law. These third-party filings may contain duplicates and other errors and the OFR cannot guarantee the accuracy and quality of the submissions upon which the data is based. The data does not constitute foreclosure case records and may differ from the official foreclosure records contained in the court records of the State of Maryland. In addition, errors in reported street addresses mean that some NOIs are not able to be matched with a census tract. This may result in a different total number of annual NOIs than the total number in other related reports. OFR makes no express or implied warranties or representations concerning the data contained in this report.

Blank values indicate census tracts with fewer than 10 NOIs.


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