Level of Service

Level of service is updated at the end of March, June, September and December, Approved (by council or admin approval) residential site plans, subdivisions and use permits are added to the level of service at this time. The projects application and name along with other critical information (results field) is included in the attributes. Age_Restricted will tell if a project is age restricted and how. Age_restricted 2 will include the number of units for a given project that have the restrictions on them. The four main fields for level of service calculations are Final units, COS Issued, Pipeline and HSNG Type. Final units is the totoal number of buildable units for a given project. COs issued is the number of COs issued for that project. The pipeline is the number of units remaining to be built. HSNG Type is based off of the school systems housing breakdown because each housing type generates a different percentage of children. Abbreviations in this field are as follows: APT = Apartment, SF = single family, sfco = single family condo, TH = townhouse, THCO = townhosue condo.


CKAN dataset id e6945c29-ab80-4183-974d-c18e5f5d57b8
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issued 2017-08-01T20:09:31.000Z
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old-spatial -76.4649,36.5865,-76.1135,36.8609
publisher City of Chesapeake, VA
resource-type Dataset
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source_hash 5a3cad53a9872849d4c7a83df07683b4a50647c56b7717899db4169e43537967
source_schema_version 1.1
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-76.4649, 36.5865], [-76.4649, 36.8609], [-76.1135, 36.8609], [-76.1135, 36.5865], [-76.4649, 36.5865]]]}
theme {geospatial}
담당자 ptrimble@cityofchesapeake.net
담당자 연락처 gisteam@cityofchesapeake.net
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