Large-scale Renewable Projects Reported by NYSERDA: Beginning 2004

Large-scale Renewable Projects Reported by NYSERDA Beginning 2004 dataset includes information for projects completed, operational, cancelled, and under development. Projects under development are subject to change.

Note that all Large Scale Renewable energy projects awarded under solicitations ORECRFP18-1, ORECRFP20-1, ORECRFP22-1, RESRFP18-1, RESRFP19-1, RESRFP20-1,RESRFP21-1, RESRFP22-1, T2RFP21-1, and T4RFP21-1 require that all laborers, workpersons, and mechanics, within the meaning of NYS Labor Law Article 8, performing construction activities with respect to the Bid Facility and, if awarded, Energy Storage, must be paid at least the applicable Prevailing Wage applicable in the area where the Bid Facility will be situated, erected and used, as published by the NYS Department of Labor (DOL) or, if located outside of New York State, at least the equivalent Prevailing Wage of the jurisdiction where the Bid Facility is located.

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