Geospatial data for the Vegetation Mapping Inventory Project of Scotts Bluff National Monument

The files linked to this reference are the geospatial data created as part of the completion of the baseline vegetation inventory project for the NPS park unit. Current format is ArcGIS file geodatabase but older formats may exist as shapefiles.

In order to avoid two repetitive ground field efforts, the sampling plan was devised from a combination of both vegetation maps. Using OR logic, overlays were created using both maps as input for each class, and random samples were developed for each class in excess of 30 polygons. Where there were less than 30 polygons sample sites were selected non-randomly from each polygon (i.e. a 100% sample). A total of 512 ground sampling sites were developed from a total of 21 vegetation and land cover classes which are represented on both vegetation maps. Using GIS tools, an ASCII file was generated with ground coordinates representing each of these sites. The 512 sets of coordinates were appropriately re-formatted and directly downloaded as waypoints in three North American Rockwell PLGR GPS receivers. During the week of August 4, 1997 three field crews of two persons each worked together at the monument in a coordinated effort to identify vegetation/cover types at each of the sites. The field crews had a paper map showing the location of the plots and the polygon boundaries (but not attributes) overlaid on topographic data. One team member operated the GPS receiver to navigate to the site, and the other identified the vegetation/cover type and provided a general physical description of the site environs. Sites were considered to be circular with a radius of 50 m. from the coordinate point. Where 2 or more vegetation/cover types occurred, or there was a mosaic of types, all were described within the 50 m. radius of the site coordinate.


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old-spatial -105.615616,39.13535,-96.14881,49.0004845
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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-105.615616, 39.13535], [-105.615616, 49.0004845], [-96.14881, 49.0004845], [-96.14881, 39.13535], [-105.615616, 39.13535]]]}
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