Docked Bikeshare Ridership By System, Year, Month, and Hour

Historic data updated on 07/14/2023. Q4 of 2023 and data for all years on systems allowing parking outside of a docking station updated on 06/04/2024.

Bikeshare ridership by system, year, month, and hour the trip ended at for bikeshare systems with docking stations. Data available by month starting in January 2019. Months are rearranged to include the same number of days of the week across years (see below). Data designed to show the impacts of COVID-19 on bikeshare ridership as featured at

Ridership data not available for all docked bikeshare systems. Only docked bikeshare systems with ridership data shown. Some systems included in the data permit users to leave a bicycle outside of a docking station; these trips are indicated by the trip type. Trips defined as rides from point A to B. If user makes trip from B to A on same day, counted as a second trip. Trips labeled as round trips in Metro Bike Share and Indego trip files counted as 2 trips. Trips with no trip time are not counted. For trips starting and ending at a docking station or on systems where only docked trips are permitted, trips with no start station identifier and/or end station id are not counted in totals. Trips shorter than 1 minute or greater than 2 hours excluded. Days aligned to include the same days of weeks in 2019 and 2020. Days included in each month are as follows:

Days included in each month can be found in the attachment ( Data are through 2023. For hourly data by calendar year and for hourly data in years after 2023, see

Trips beginning on 12/31/2019 but ending on 01/01/2020 not included in totals.

Interactive map application featuring data:


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