Delta-X: Land Subsidence Rate, Mississippi River Delta (MRD), Louisiana, USA

This dataset provides estimates of land subsidence rates for the Delta-X domain area within the Atchafalaya and Terrebonne basins for 2021. The study area is a portion of the Mississippi River Delta in coastal Louisiana, U.S. The total subsidence is calculated as the sum of deep and shallow vertical elevation change rates. The deep subsidence rate is based on information from the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) of Louisiana, documented in the Phase-4 subsidence trend report prepared for and provided by CPRA (2022). The shallow subsidence is calculated for the Delta-X study area by interpolation of publicly available data provided by CPRA for their coast-wide estimation of shallow subsidence in the 2023 Coastal Master Plan. The total subsidence rates and the estimated uncertainty in the total subsidence rates are provided as separate files in cloud optimized GeoTIFF (COG) format at 30-m (0.0003 decimal degrees) resolution.


CKAN dataset id 63068761-9bb7-49cd-8ae8-4be03dacdc56
상태 active
버전 2024-02-07
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accessLevel public
bureauCode {026:00}
citation Varugu, B., and C. Jones. 2023. Delta-X: Land Subsidence Rate, Mississippi River Delta (MRD), Louisiana, USA. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
graphic-preview-description Total subsidence map for the Delta-X study area.
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identifier C2849224257-ORNL_CLOUD
issued 2024-01-31
language {en-US}
metadata_type geospatial
modified 2024-02-01
old-spatial -91.85 28.98 -90.2 30.01
programCode {026:001}
publisher ORNL_DAAC
resource-type Dataset
source_datajson_identifier true
source_hash de0b26d11381a5b08631a0868fcc57d01613bbab5349229c312497a273fabbe3
source_schema_version 1.1
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