BLM Natl WesternUS FIAT Fire Operations Priority Areas 2015 Polygon

This data represents a management strategy of the Fire and Invasives Assessment Tool (FIAT). Fire Operations Priority Areas data are also known as potential fire operations treatment areas. Fire Operations Priority Area polygons identify areas in the Step 2 FIAT process for highest priority for initial fire attack and stationing of resources. FIAT was developed using a process designed to identify strategies that ameliorate threats to Greater Sage-Grouse (GRSG; Centrocercus urophasianus) and their habitats. While the assessment is applicable across the range of sage-grouse, the analysis is limited to Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Management Agencies’(WAFWA) Management Zones III, IV, and V (roughly the Great Basin region) because of the significant issues associated with invasive annual grasses and the high level of wildfires in this region. It incorporates emerging science, regional findings, and local data in identifying management opportunities that counter detrimental ecological trends in wildfire, invasive annual grasses, and conifer expansion. The purpose of the assessment is to identify potential project areas and management strategies in highly valued greater sage-grouse habitats which, if implemented, would reduce the threats to greater sage-grouse.


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버전 2024-02-09
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issued 2021-11-29T05:39:54Z
metadata_type geospatial
modified 2022-02-15T22:15:53.709Z
old-spatial -119.1154,36.0769,-111.9171,45.4824
programCode {010:000}
publisher Bureau of Land Management
publisher_hierarchy White House > U.S. Department of the Interior > Bureau of Land Management
resource-type Dataset
source_datajson_identifier true
source_hash ecca9360f7e6872c600f815c40fffad8ebca22cebb309ccf8ee5b433231445c5
source_schema_version 1.1
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-119.1154, 36.0769], [-119.1154, 45.4824], [-111.9171, 45.4824], [-111.9171, 36.0769], [-119.1154, 36.0769]]]}
theme {geospatial}
담당자 Bureau of Land Management, BLM_OC_Fire_Geospatial
담당자 연락처
제공 기관 Department of the Interior
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