Bedrock Geologic Map of the Hazens Notch and a Portion of the Lowell Quadrangles, Vermont

Digital Data from VG03-3B Digital data for the Hazens Notch and a portion of the Lowell quadrangles, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG03-3B, The bedrock geologic map data at a scale of 1:24,000 depicts types of bedrock underlying unconsolidated materials in Vermont. Data is created by mapping on the ground using standard geologic pace and compass techniques and/or GPS on a USGS 1:24000 topographic base map. Data may be organized by town, quadrangle or watershed. Each data bundle may includes point, line and polygon data and some or all of the following: 1) contacts (lithogic contacts), 2) fault_brittle, 3) fault_ductile, 4) fault_thrust, 5) fault_bed_plane (bedding plane thrust), 6) bedding, 7) bedding_graded (graded bedding) 8) bedding_overturn (overturned bedding), 9) bedding_select (selected points for published map), 10) foliation_n1, n2, n3 etc (foliation data), 11) outcrop (exposed outcrops), 12) field_station (outcrop and data collection point), 13) fold_axis, 14) axial_plane, 15) lamprophyre, 16) water_well_log (water well driller information), 16) linear_int (intersection lineation), 17) linear_str (stretching lineation) 18) x_section_line (line of cross-section), and photolinear (lineaments identified from air photos). Other feature classes may be included with each data bundle. (


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old-spatial -72.6250,44.7499,-72.4583,44.8751
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source_schema_version 1.1
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-72.6250, 44.7499], [-72.6250, 44.8751], [-72.4583, 44.8751], [-72.4583, 44.7499], [-72.6250, 44.7499]]]}
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