5.10 Revenue Forecast Variance (summary)

Tracking local taxes and intergovernmental revenue and evaluating the credibility of revenue forecasts assists greatly with sound financial planning efforts; it allows policy makers the ability to make informed decisions, build a fiscally responsible budget, and support the City's priority to maintain financial stability and vitality.

This page provides data for the Revenue Forecast performance measure.

The performance measure dashboard is available at 5.10 Revenue Forecast Variance.

Additional Information

Source: PeopleSoft 400 Report, Excel
Contact: Benicia Benson
Contact E-Mail: Benicia_Benson@tempe.gov
Data Source Type: Tabular
Preparation Method: Metrics are based on actual revenue collected for local taxes and intergovernmental revenue in the City's PeopleSoff 400 Report. Total Local Taxes include city sales tax, sales tax rebate, sales tax penalty and interest, sales tax to be rebated, temporary PLT tax, sales tax interest, refund and temporary PLT tax to be rebated. Total intergovernmental revenue includes State Sales Tax, State Income Tax, and State Auto Lieu Tax. Many of the estimates are provided by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns. Another principal sources includes our participation as a sponsor of the Forecasting Project developed by the University of Arizona Eller College of Economic and Business Research Center in Tucson, AZ.
Publish Frequency: Annually based on a fiscal year
Publish Method: Manually retrieved and calculated


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