5.09 CIP Funds Spent or Encumbered (summary)

The City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) strives to optimize the use of limited resources, both financial and operational, to best meet the capital needs of the City. One key factor in assessing the City’s fiscal capacity to fund projects is the ability to determine the amount of budgeted funds that will be spent or encumbered in the fiscal year. Sound Capital planning includes accurate project cost estimates and timing the funding of projects to coincide with the organization’s capacity to complete the project. These practices limit the amount of funds tied up but not used in a fiscal year, which could have been used for other needs.

This page provides data for the CIP Funds Spent or Encumbered performance measure.

Provides an annual history of the % of the CIP Budget that has been spent or encumbered. Data includes the budget, expenditures and encumbrances. Historical data is based on a complete fiscal year (FY).

The performance measure dashboard is available at 5.09 CIP Funds Spent or Encumbered.

Additional Information

Source: PeopleSoft Financials

Contact: Benicia Benson

Contact E-Mail: Benicia_Benson@tempe.gov

Data Source Type: Excel

Preparation Method: Data is downloaded from PS Financials via a query. Budgeted amounts for contingency are deducted to derive the measurable budget amount.

Publish Frequency: Quarterly

Publish Method: Manual

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