3.32 Patient Advocate Services (summary)

As part of Tempe Fire Medical Rescue, Patient Advocate Services (PAS) provides support and coordination of care for medically vulnerable Tempe residents, connecting patients with resources that address a wide range of social determinants of health.  As EMS calls typically result in transport to an emergency room, and emergency rooms are rarely an appropriate place for the treatment of chronic illness, reductions in 911 calls are indicative of improved patient health, well-being and safety.

The performance measure page is available at 3.32 Patient Advocate Services

Additional Information

Source: Processed ImageTrend data

Contact (author): Dan Petty

Contact E-Mail (author): daniel_petty@tempe.gov

Contact (maintainer): 

Contact E-Mail (maintainer): 

Data Source Type: Table

Preparation Method: For each enrolled patient, a tally of Emergency Medical Service 911 calls prior to enrollment with Patient Advocate Services is compared to their EMS 911 calls in the six months after enrollment is complete.  

Publish Frequency: Annual

Publish Method: Manual

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