3.05 Subsidized Housing Funding Usage (summary)

This dataset provides information on Tempe's subsidized housing program, including monthly voucher and funding budgets and expenditures.

The City of Tempe Housing Services Division receives federal funds through Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) to subsidize housing for low-income families that is decent, safe, sanitary and affordable. Families served by the program must live at or below 50% of the area median income.

Tempe has a fixed number of Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) based on our HUD contract, which represents the maximum number of families that the Housing Authority could assist. Congress and HUD do not fund the program to assist all of the families we are allotted to assist. We can only assist the number of families we have the budget to assist.

HUD provides an initial funding amount based on what they anticipate they will allocate to housing assistance payments. The actual amount of funding received is subject to change depending on Federal Budget priorities, Congressional approval and many other factors.

Expenditures are reported monthly, as HUD requires expenses to be posted in the month they were incurred rather than the month the expense was paid.

The performance measure dashboard is available at 3.05 Subsidized Housing Funding Usage.

Additional Information

Source: Manually maintained data, Housing Pro and Quickbooks

Contact: Levon Lamy

Contact E-Mail: Levon_Lamy@tempe.gov

Data Source Type: CSV

Preparation Method: Monthly values are calculated by determining the month each of the expenditures was for and retroactivelly accruing the funding use to the appropriate period. There are multiple, multistep excel worksheets that are used to balance between the specialty Housing Software, City Financial System and the HUD mandated reporting system. Additionally, it is important to note that Funding is allocated by Congress on the Federal Fiscal Year (October - September), the City operates on a Fiscal Year (July - June) and HUD provides funding on the Housing Authority in Calendar Year (January - December) funding increments. Therefore, the City must cross balance between three funding years.

Publish Frequency: Quarterly

Publish Method: Manual

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