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This record contains satellite-sensed chlorophyll-a concentration images of the Canadian Beaufort Sea at 1.1 km resolution. The dataset consists of 276 images, aggregated into two-week composites by calculating the mean value at each pixel, comprising years 1998 through 2020.

The dataset spans two ocean colour sensors, MODIS-Aqua and SeaWiFS. The Arctic Ocean Empirical algorithm was used to calculate chlorophyll-a concentration, after images were corrected for atmospheric effects using the NIR-SWIR switching algorithm, and Remote Sensing Reflectance (Rrs) were produced. A linear transform in log-10 space was applied to the chlorophyll-a concentration measured by SeaWiFS to improve its correlation with chlorophyll-a concentration measured by MODIS-Aqua.

The months of October through February were excluded from these datasets as the sun angle in winter is too low (e.g., polar night) for reliable data to be acquired, and the region is mostly covered in sea ice.

For further details, see Galley et al., 2022.

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버전 2023-07-11
파일 크기16 KB
행 수 273
컬럼 수5
텍스트 인코딩cp949
컬럼 구분자 , 콤마 (COMMA)

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('CHLA_1998-2020_2wk_geotiff_dates.csv', on_bad_lines='skip', delimiter=',', encoding='cp949', encoding_errors='ignore')

컬럼 타입 샘플
Filename_Nom_de_fichier string CHLA_mean_1998_weeks_18-19.tif
Start_Week_Commencer_la_semaine int64 18
End_Week_Semaine_finie int64 19
Start_Date_Date_de_dbut string 1998-04-27
End_Date_Date_de_fin string 1998-05-10

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