Satellite-measured Chlorophyll-a concentration in the Canadian Beaufort Sea (1998-2020)

This record contains satellite-sensed chlorophyll-a concentration images of the Canadian Beaufort Sea at 1.1 km resolution. The dataset consists of 276 images, aggregated into two-week composites by calculating the mean value at each pixel, comprising years 1998 through 2020.

The dataset spans two ocean colour sensors, MODIS-Aqua and SeaWiFS. The Arctic Ocean Empirical algorithm was used to calculate chlorophyll-a concentration, after images were corrected for atmospheric effects using the NIR-SWIR switching algorithm, and Remote Sensing Reflectance (Rrs) were produced. A linear transform in log-10 space was applied to the chlorophyll-a concentration measured by SeaWiFS to improve its correlation with chlorophyll-a concentration measured by MODIS-Aqua.

The months of October through February were excluded from these datasets as the sun angle in winter is too low (e.g., polar night) for reliable data to be acquired, and the region is mostly covered in sea ice.

For further details, see Galley et al., 2022.


CKAN dataset id 7b2f7468-2545-49d6-9b03-4642e860648a
상태 active
버전 2023-07-11
라이선스 ca-ogl-lgo
has_map false
담당자 연락처
제공 기관 Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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