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파일명 2016 results
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The City of Montreal, through the Customer Experience Office, assesses, every two years, the level of satisfaction of citizens with municipal services. A first wave of satisfaction surveys took place in the fall of 2014. The City of Montreal's satisfaction study includes four surveys. This set presents the results and the questionnaire of surveys related to citizens' satisfaction with 311 services. The City of Montreal satisfaction study includes three satisfaction surveys conducted among Montreal citizens, as well as a satisfaction survey among businesses in the City of Montreal: 1. [Survey of citizen satisfaction with collective and individual services] (/city-of-montreal/citizen-satisfaction-survey); 2. Survey of citizen satisfaction with telephone service 311; 3. [Satisfaction survey among citizens of the nine largest municipalities in Quebec] (/city-of-montreal/satisfaction-survey-grandes-municipalites-quebec); 4. [Business satisfaction survey with collective and individual services] (/city-of-montreal/business-satisfaction-survey). ### Objectives of the survey: - Measure the indicators associated with the overall evaluation of the service received; - Measure the indicators specific to the stages of the lived experience; - Measure the indicators specific to the stages of the lived experience; - Know the reasons for calls.

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버전 2024-01-10
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텍스트 인코딩utf-8
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import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('sondage_satisfaction_service_311_2016.csv', on_bad_lines='skip', delimiter=',', encoding='utf-8', encoding_errors='ignore')

컬럼 타입 샘플
PrjName string 12000_112B
RecordNo int64 1001
JOUR int64 5
PERIO int64 2
QC string H2K2V8
QB int64 18
Q13 int64 3
Q1AM1 int64 1
Q1AM1O string
Q1AM2 string
Q1AM2O string
Q1AM3 string
Q1AM3O string
Q1AM4 string
Q1AM4O string
Q1AM5 string
Q1AM5O string
Q1B string
Q1BO string
Q1C string 3
Q2AA string 2
Q2AB string 1
Q2AC string 2
Q2AD string 2
Q2AE int64 2
Q2BA string
Q2BB string 3
Q2BC string
Q2BD string
Q2BE string
Q3 string 2
Q4M1 string
Q4M1O string
Q4M2 string
Q4M2O string
Q4M3 string
Q4M3O string
Q4M4 string
Q4M4O string
Q4M5 string
Q4M5O string
Q5 string 1
Q6 string 2
Q7 string
Q8 string 2
Q9A string 2
Q9B string 1
Q9C string 1
Q9D string 1
Q9E int64 1
Q9F int64 2
Q9G int64 1
Q9H int64 1
Q10 int64 2
Q11 int64 2
Q12 int64 7
Q14 int64 2
Q14O string
Q15 string 1
Q16 string 4
Q16B string 1
Q16BO string
Q16C string 1
Q16CO string
Q17 string 1
LANG; string FR;
Unnamed: 66 string FR";
Unnamed: 67 string EN";
Unnamed: 68 string FR";
Unnamed: 69 string FR";
Unnamed: 70 string FR";

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