Discharge Cases (Spills)

This map data displays environmental discharges (spills) in Saskatchewan with location, confirmed substance and quantity. This data is limited to events that occurred between January 1, 2015 to present.

The Ministry of Environment is responsible for responding to incidents where a substance of potential concern has been discharged into the environment. The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010 defines this as a discharge, drainage, deposit, release or emission into the environment.We are currently improving how this information is displayed. This map provides information on more recent discharges that were reported to the ministry. For older Spills, please go to our new GeoHub page: Discharge Cases (Spills) historic incidents”Please note: information may take up to 30 days to be updated and is subject to change at any time.For further information, please contact the Ministry of Environment Inquiry Centre (Toll Free): 800-567-4224, email: centre.inquiry@gov.sk.ca or visit: Hazardous Spills Reporting.


CKAN dataset id 1f8f7d63-4b37-474a-a5b8-944aa0316825
상태 active
url https://open.canada.ca/data/en/dataset/8f416e68-4812-ab14-dac5-f6f402aa82ae
버전 2024-03-28
라이선스 sk-suudl
담당자 연락처 egis@gov.sk.ca
제공 기관 Government of Saskatchewan
최초 수집 일시 2024-06-12T12:33:02…
최근 수집 일시 2024-06-12T12:33:02…

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