Forest Composition - Prince Edward Island

Forest canopy or over-story species composition provides useful information on forest tree species present at the stand and landscape level. Much of PEI National Park’s forest areas were cleared for settlement and agriculture prior to park establishment and have regenerated with early successional softwood species. Forest types, stand area (ha), percent canopy crown coverage and the proportion (percent) of tree species present within National Park forested areas are determined by remote sensing experts every 10 years, where the proportion of PEI National Parks forest ecosystem that is comprised of softwood species is calculated. The observed percent softwood forested area within PEI National Park is compared against the expected percent of softwood composition generated using available soil information to conjecture original forest types and softwood composition by applying Nova Scotia’s Eco-site Classification. Forest tree species composition is very important to overall forest ecosystem structure, function and ecological integrity. "Although care and precision were taken in the generation of this geospatial information, users of the data do so on the understanding and agreement that the Province of Prince Edward Island is not responsible whatsoever for any loss, damage or failure, however and in whatever manner incurred, attributable to any use whatsoever of the data or to any action taken or not taken from the data herein."


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