Evaluating COVID-19 disease transmission and public health measures in schools: Outbreak investigation guidance

This guidance supports high quality investigations that will contribute to public health’s collective understanding of COVID-19 transmission in all types of school settings and the utility of mitigation measures implemented. A systematic approach to outbreak response, including an investigation that examines cases, contacts, their interactions and environment, will help to produce higher quality evidence and will support public health officials in making evidence informed policy decisions. The guidelines will provide information applicable to any type of outbreak investigation and will highlight specific considerations for outbreaks occurring within an educational setting including daycares and schools.


CKAN dataset id 8b74deb2-e3a2-4270-a732-4a5b829fcf7e
상태 active
url https://open.canada.ca/data/en/dataset/3fc1d2ba-f321-4ec5-993d-2ccc60cda15d
버전 2021-11-02
라이선스 ca-ogl-lgo
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제공 기관 Public Health Agency of Canada
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