Veterans Affairs Canada Evaluation of the Financial Benefits Program - September 2016

The evaluation of the Financial Benefits Program was conducted in accordance with the Veterans Affairs Canada Multi-Year Risk-Based Evaluation Plan 2014-19. The program was last evaluated as part of an overall New Veterans Charter Evaluation in 2010-11.

The Financial Benefits Program was established in 2006 under the authority of the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act, with subsequent amendments expanding eligibility and adding programs. It provides economic support to eligible Canadian Armed Forces Veterans, survivors, and dependents in recognition of the economic impact that a career ending and/or service-related injury or death can have on a Veteran’s ability to earn income, advance in a career or save for retirement.

As per Treasury Board Secretariat policy requirements and guidance, this evaluation examined the Financial Benefits Program’s relevance and performance. The evaluation findings and conclusions are based on the analysis of multiple lines of qualitative and quantitative evidence.


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