311 network performance and performance

The data set shows information related to the performance of the 311 service. The accountability report outlines the quarterly activities of the 311 Network, including: - Call volume processing - Email processing - Online requests - The performance of the service provided by telephone and email to customers The report presents in detail the various citizen requests, including requests for information, requests and complaints. It also allows you to know the most common topics. It thus enhances the information available under the [citizen requests] dataset (https://donnees.montreal.ca/ville-de-montreal/requete-311). Guided by the principles of accessibility and efficiency of services offered to citizens, the 311 Network has established standards for its telephone service and email processing. It undertakes to publish quarterly and annually the results of its performance and to report on their evolution in this portal. The 311 Service Center (CS 311) takes this opportunity to: - inform citizens about the performance of the 311 Network, the 311 Service Center and non-grouped boroughs; - highlight the highlights (improvements, points of vigilance, context elements) of each period covered by the report; - ensure that it can monitor the evolution of performance quarterly and annually; - optimize the dissemination of information and data internally (at within the city).


CKAN dataset id 591c8d07-6a21-4889-94e5-254dfe398c87
상태 active
url https://open.canada.ca/data/en/dataset/157bdb1a-5580-46d4-8980-5e1d5f6f9082
버전 2024-05-29
라이선스 qc-cc-by
담당자 연락처 donneesouvertes@montreal.ca
제공 기관 Government and Municipalities of Québec
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최근 수집 일시 2024-06-14T17:36:29…

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